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Which Rhinocharge Is Right For You?

General Application

Hazard/ Emergency

Heavy Duty


There’s nothing “standard” about the M2, our standard unit. Attractively designed with a ring of 8 smart USB ports and packed with 72 000 mAh, you can keep the whole team powered up and concentrated on the job at hand.


at $900


M2BB: Bumble Bee

You can’t miss the M2BB’s vivid yellow case and black type, making it the ideal unit for emergencies or just making a bold statement. This unit delivers all of the features of the M2 in an eye-catching package.


at $900


M2HD: Heavy Duty

You’ll come to rely on sturdy stand-alone Rhinocharge Heavy Duty USB power stations. At the station or responding to a call, our durable aluminum cases will help ensure that you’ve got power when and where you need it.


at $900


Rhinocharge Is Trusted By Top Organizations

Tesla, Desjardins, Oracle, CN, Castrol, Richter, and many other organizations already use and trust Rhinocharge units in their everyday operations, events, and meetings. So should you.

No Person/Device Left Behind

Rhinocharge charges up to 8 devices simultaneously and packs enough power to fully charge up to 100 iPhones. You can even power laptops in the field.

Fully Customizable to Meet Your Needs

Rhinocharge is fully customizable including LEDs, GPS, remote control, and more. Let us know your organization’s specific requirements and we’ll move into action.

and -Guaranteed

Quality construction in Canada, thorough situational testing, and 2-year guarantee allows you to be confident wherever Rhinocharge power is utilized.

Need More
Reasons To Choose Rhinocharge?

On the Move When Plans Change

Rhinocharge is a durable, fully transportable, and compact unit. When the mission changes location or volume shifts, Rhinocharge moves with you to meet the need.

A Variety of Power Supply Solutions

In addition to our three power station models, we also can provide you power via electric terminals, secure charging stations, upstanding terminals, external batteries and USB cables.

A Value-Added Addition That Pays

Rhinocharge stations in remote, underserved, or unconnected locations leaves a lasting and positive impression on your current and prospective customers.